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FreeMem increases your PC's performance by optimizing Microsoft Windows memory management. You can avoid many system lockups by running this improved RAM-Optimizer.

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New Features for Version 5.3.

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FreeMem Standard is available for free to everyone.

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Automated free-ups

Your computer is always working at its best abilities...

Exact memory monitoring

The tray icon always shows the exact available amount of memory...

CPU Monitoring

Optionally you can configure FreeMem to show the current CPU usage in a tray-icon, too.

Idle Detection

FreeMem never interferes with your current working as it waits for some idle time to do the free-up...

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Microsoft Windows XP

FreeMem is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP.


To get the most from FreeMem take a look at this short tutorial.


We've compiled a list of the most common questions regarding FreeMem.

System Requirements

FreeMem is compatible with Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.

More support...

FreeMem Professional is at Version 5.3 now. Updating is FREE for all registered users.


FreeMem Standard is at Version 4.3 now.


For upgrading your current FreeMem Standard to FreeMem Professional follow the normal download procedure.


FreeMem Version 4.3 is still offered for download. Some people still like this version.


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