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Download the 30 day evaluation version of FreeMem Professional Version 5.3 from one of the following servers:

Main Server
Backup Server

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Plaxoft is now using digital signatures for downloadable files.

What's new with FreeMem Professional Version 5.3

FreeMem is available in german language, too.

If you're updating from an older version of FreeMem, please exit your running copy of FreeMem.

Just run FreeMem from the start menu and ensure you close it properly. Do not try to install the update without closing your running copy first.

If you're a first-time user, you can safely ignore these update tips.

Install FreeMem

Just run the downloaded executable. If you're updating, make sure you choose the same folder for the installation as you did when installing FreeMem for the first time.

Obtain a registration code

To use FreeMem beyond the 30 days trial period, you must order a registration code. Once you have your 12-digit registration code, you can use the full potential of our software.

Check out the tutorial for new users.

If you experience any problems, check our support area for answers on your questions.

Security Zone Manager

Security Zone Manager is the first internet security tool to unleash the power of Microsoft Internet Explorer security zones.

Secure Surfing

The integrated configuration assistant helps you securing your surfing environment. Confirm ActiveX usage for every website. Just avoid any contact with virus or trojan programs.

Increased Privacy

By moving advertising providers into the zone for restricted websites, you can remove practically all tracking cookies and increase your privacy.

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