FreeMem Version 5
New Features
User Interface Monitoring Version 5.3

Configurability of memory free-ups is greatly enhanced with Version 5.

Three customizable free-ups can be accessed with a hotkey at any time.

The idle-detection can be configured easier.

Improved support for Microsoft Windows 2000 and Microsoft Windows XP.

FreeMem Professional Version 5 has a totally new and eaiser to use user interface.

Screenshot of FreeMem Version 5

FreeMem is prepared to use new skins.

FreeMem can display the tray-icon memory monitor in 3 different ways:

  • Chart
  • Numeric
  • Bar

Optionally FreeMem can show a CPU monitor, too.

Updates for Version 5.1

  • Fixed issue with tray icon not updating at all
  • Improved support for Windows XP Service Pack 2

Updates for Version 5.2

  • Added digital signatures
  • Fixed issue with "Free and Run Menu" and non-standard shortcuts

Updates for Version 5.3

  • Fixed problem with FreeMem showing always 100% CPU-Usage

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