Getting started with FreeMem Getting the best out of FreeMem Monitor your system Enjoy

1. Installation

Just run the downloaded program and follow the instructions.

2. First Run

Run FreeMem Professional from your start menu. It appears in a newly created group named "FreeMem Professional"

3. Activate your registration

Enter your 12-digit registration code when you're asked for it. Click here if you don't have a registration code yet.

4. Activate the Defaults

Double click a FreeMem tray-icon and move to the "Other options" area. Activate the defaults for FreeMem.

5. Check the documentation

FreeMem comes with a comprehensive online help. Make sure you click the "Help" button on the top of the user interface and learn what FreeMem can do for you.

6. Minimize FreeMem

Close the user interface and FreeMem continues to work in the background.

7. Watch the tray icon

The tray icon constantly shows your available free memory. Color indicators give you a fast information on your system's health.

8. Enjoy your fast computer

Your computer is now running at its best. You have all the time to forget about FreeMem and finally do the work you want to do.

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