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To install Security Zone Manager just run the downloaded executable program.

To read the user's guide you need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

To use Security Zone Manager after the 30 day trial period, you have to order a license code. Without this license code, you cannot run Security Zone Manger after your 30 day trial period.

Order your license code now for €19.95.

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Confirm ActiveX Usage

For every website you get asked if you really like to activate the ActiveX controls used by that site. Especially ads use ActiveX technology to distract you from the websites contents.

Restrict Adservers

Move any advertising server into the security zone for restricted and untrusted websites. ActiveX, scripts or cookies are immediately turned off for these sites.

Faster Surfing

Avoiding heavy advertising scripts allows Microsoft Internet Explorer to show most websites a lot quicker than before.

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Our award winning memory management software ensures that your computer is working at its best performance.

Improved Memory Management

FreeMem improves Windows memory management. This will boost your memory and increase your PC's performance.

Improved System Stability

Removing leaked memory from poorly programmed DLLs or programs, your system stability will for sure benefit.

FreeMem Professional
Version 5 is now available.

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