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Everybody knows that ActiveX is a security risk. Less people know that it also affects performance of Microsoft Internet Explorer. Instead of displaying a small or large picture, many websites decide to use ActiveX instead if available. Macromedia Flash is often used for this purpose. Naturally it takes time to load the original picture and to replace this picture with a flash file.

Other technologies have similar performance impacts:

  • .NET Components
  • Automatic font installation
  • Netscape plugins
  • Java

The higher security of deactivating all potentially insecure programs immediately gives the benefit of faster surfing, too. This is a win-win situation.

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.NET Components

The new .NET components or applications are very similar to ActiveX. A major performance difference is that they need to load the whole .NET runtime before they can work. Avoiding these components should speed up websites.


Java is usually safe to execute. Unfortunately it takes time to load the classes and Java is known to not run very fast. Avoiding activation of Java should speed up a website.

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