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Confirm ActiveX Usage

For every website you get asked if you really like to activate the ActiveX controls used by that site. Especially ads use ActiveX technology to distract you from the website's contents.

Disallow Cookies

Restrict advertising servers in their cookie usage to zero. Keep your privacy and disallow any tracking cookies.

Detect Hidden Servers

Security Zone Manager looks far behind the html sourcecode to detect all webservers that are used by the current website and allows you to easily manage their security settings.

Restrict Adservers

Move any advertising server into the security zone for restricted and untrusted websites. ActiveX, scripts or cookies are immediately turned off for these sites.

Trust Your Favorite Websites

Once you trust your favorite websites to not do any harm to you with ActiveX or scripting, you move them into the security zone for trusted websites. This way you don't have to confirm ActiveX or script usage for these safe websites again and again.

Avoid Other Security Threats

Automatic font installation, new .NET components and Java can be controlled by Security Zone Manager in an easy way.

Secure Surfing

Once you have moved your favorite websites into the appropriate security zones, you can safely surf the web without any threats of viruses or trojans to enter your computer.

Simple Zone Management

Security Zone Manager provides an easy to use way to move websites into the different security zones.

Faster Surfing

Avoiding heavy advertising scripts allows Microsoft Internet Explorer to show most websites a lot quicker than before.

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