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Plaxoft Time Tracker is a program for tracking time. The major focus is the association of time to activities.

Download Plaxoft Time Tracker

A few days after first running Plaxoft Time Tracker, you'll get valuable information on how you spend your workday.

Plaxoft Time Tracker is available in German and English language.

Obtain your personal registration code

To use Plaxoft Time Tracker after the 30-days evaluation period, you must purchase a registration code. Otherwise Plaxoft Time Tracker will stop working.

Plaxoft Time Tracker pops up regularily and waits for you to explain the last hour of work. You simply book that time to an activity and continue working.

The integrated reporting allows a comfortable analysis of the tracked data. You can immediately see which projects are eating how much time.

You can correct mistakes by simply opening the worksheet and entering the correct data.

Individual Activities

The list of activities is customizable.


The worksheet allows correction of mistakes and checking of data.

International Use

Support of multiple calendars, date formats and full unicode support allow international use of Plaxoft Time Tracker.

Integrated Reporting

Detailed reports give you valuable information.


Special care is given to holiday handling and individual contracts.

Plaxoft Time Tracker Version 1.0 is available for download.

Download Plaxoft Time Tracker

You can find ready made holiday lists for importing here.

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