Digital Signatures Resources

Plaxoft GmbH is now using digital signatures to sign downloadable software files. This ensures the files you download are exactly the same files we uploaded to the internet. You can be sure that nobody has tampered with these files.

Digital signatures are more important than ever. Beginning with Windows XP Service Pack 2 a downloaded file that is not sign doesn't really look trustworthy any more. This ensures most end users will get used to signatures and hopefully interpret them the right way.

If you find software from us not signed correctly, you might need to update your Internet Explorer root certificate list. You can do so using the windows update functionality. Certificate updates are listed as non critical update. Windows XP users simply make sure that they're online while verifying signatures. Windows XP automatically downloads updated certificates.

Of course you can manually download the latest keys from Unizeto CERTUM and install it. Just install the "Certum Certification Authority" key.

 Copyright 2010 by Meikel Weber