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Free memory is wasted memory?

This is an interesting question. It seems very sound, but it is not. Of course, you bought your memory to use it and it is a bad idea to have it all free. But it is a good idea to have some free memory available. Each software needs memory and needs even more memory while you work with it. So any action you do will result in a swap-file access if your memory is filled completely. You know the response time of your favorite applications best. Why make your program slower than it needs to be? If you can safe a swap-file access because there is free memory, this is a direct speed improvement. You can easily verify this by just watching your hourglass and hearing your harddisk. The major amount of time is needed to do access the harddisk. How much faster can your PC be if the harddisk access is not needed at this particular moment? FreeMem Professional can accomplish this task by monitoring your memory usage and free-up some RAM at the right moment.


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