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How can I solve my resource problem?

Many computers running Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows ME are experiencing resource problems. Every resource is a small number for Microsoft Windows. To identify these resources, Windows reserves small areas of memory to keep track of these numbers. There are three known areas USER, SYSTEM and GDI. Once an area is full, your computer will start to behave strangely. This is not related to memory at all, but to the fact that these areas are simply full. Only a reboot can solve this problem. For the moment there is no known solution to this problem.

Lots of users report that FreeMem helps with system stability and by simply forcing Windows to do its clean-up job many leaks are fixexd. However there is absolutely no proof that FreeMem can help with resource problems.

Microsoft Windows NT and Microsoft Windows 2000 do NOT have any resource problems. These operating systems manage resources in a completely different way and for real power users the latest version is highly recommended.

Microsoft once published an article on resources but removed it in the meantime. You can find a backup-copy here.


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